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Kevin is an Freelance Illustrator in training and Gentleman Geek who hails from the South Yorkshire area.

He has a Bachelor with Honours degree in Illustration from the University of Huddersfield. This turned out to be a generally bad idea and waste of time as we all know a degree gets you nowhere in the freelance business.
(That being said he would never give up the friends he has made over those years)

Licking his wounds and a year out of University, he now scours the web in the search for a steady job all the while slowly improving his drawing abilities and slowly working on his portfolio that hopefully one day he can use as a means to acquire work within the comic field which he has grown attached to in the past 7 years.

This small space in the information highway is his place to unwind and mark his achievements, while also being a place for him to talk and let his opinions about anything he’s interested in be free and heard.