Recent Things And Shameless Plugs

A lot has happened since my last post.

Samaritan has been fully uploaded you can read the full story HERE
This was my first real story and I’ve learned a lot while making it. I’m hoping to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my next story Kingmaker which I’m currently working on.

Another exciting thing is that I’ve participated in an anthology called Power Ups: Vilified. This was done with members of the Comic Book Hour community. You can read the 4 page story I drew HERE. Better still is that I have the digital rights to the completed anthology.

You can buy the anthology on my newly made store HERE

16 short stories
Prompt:”I am not what they think I am”.
104 pages

If you are a fan of comics I do hope you take a look at this. Not only will you be supporting me but hopefully you’ll enjoy the stories and see the work of the up and coming creators in the indie scene. Tonight CBH will be revealing the details on the next collaborative event and I can’t wait to get involved.

Lastly if you wish to spread some good karma then support me via Ko-fi

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Samaritan Progress 6/5/17

The first page of my comic is up to view!!
Well it went up on Monday and forgot to make an update.

Nothing game changing at the moment but everything starts somewhere. I’m so excited to get this comic out. Almost 6 years of self doubt and procrastination has led to this moment.

You can read on my website
But if you are on Taptastic or Webtoons it’s up there as well.

It’s gotten some subs/likes so far which is amazing. I hope you enjoy the story. It is my first try so it will be rough around the edges which I’m learning as I go.

At the moment I’m colouring pages 5-8. If I get them done this weekend then I’ll have a 2 month buffer to work with giving me breathing space to work on Samaritan and also bite into other stories.


Best panel I’ve coloured to date and had to show you guys!!

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Samaritan Progress 30-4-17

The first 4 pages are completed.

Tomorrow I’m going to start posting the comic up. It will be one page per week this means I have  a months worth of content ready and I’ll start on the next batch immediately so I should be a month ahead at all times allowing for the possible sickness or life stuff to fit in without fearing missing an update.

I’m excited to start posting.

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Samaritan Progress 9-4-17

color done

Finished the colours for page one.

I have no affinity for colours. I preferred leaving my work in black and white as I never could make colours wok. That being said I do personally prefer coloured comics over black and white or grey toned/washed comics and knew from the beginning that this story will be coloured.

In the end I’ve gone with a block colour with soft graded highlight/shadows with minor harsh shadows for specific areas. I’ve used Jordie Bellaire’s work as a reference as she uses this style a lot and as such was a major influence.

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Samaritan Progress 12 Feb – 6 Mar

As I work on my current project I’ll be putting up progress pics of the entire process.
This page will update as I complete the pages.


Here are the thumbnails of pages 1-7.
I use index cards for my thumbnails. It allows me room to draw what I need, but there is a danger of adding too much detail which isn’t the purpose of thumbnails.

When I scanned these in and blew up to a larger canvas I then tweaked the pencils if they were too big or -in the case of pg 7- added additional panels.





Progress on Page one which is a full page spread. You can see the blue lines from the initial thumbnail sketches.
One site which has started to become invaluable for me is Pinterest which is a great resource for collecting reference photos for anything you need. Here it’s helped with designing the masks. This is suppose to be an extravagant festival so even these background extras need to look one of a kind. This will come back and bite me later on in the story.




4 pages penciled and scanned ready to be inked. Because I’m inking my own work I’ve been catching myself go “This is wrong. I’ll fix when I scan it” or “I can do this background during the inks”

This is a huge positive of doing all the work. You can draw a panel and if you realise too late that a hand is too small or characters or not close enough you don’t have to break out the eraser and instead just leave a note for future self to resize later.

The mask for Sam (top panel) is way more complicated than it should be so when I ink this will change and I’ll fix the mask when I pencil the next batch of pages. Also her hairstyle changed because hair is so not my expertise.





I have 10 pages penciled and will start inking tomorrow.

I’m using bristol board for penciling but I finding it to be a waste of good paper. As I’ve been drawing I’ve cut corners or not fully draw a panel at all because it’ll be easier on the computer. I’m thinking of looking into just normal drawing paper but of thicker stock so I can use the back of the page (printing thumbnails and penciling).

I’m starting to get a hang of drawing the faces of the main characters so I will be correcting the previous panels when I ink.



Page one is inked!!

It’s a splash page so not as fiddly layers wise. The buildings did prove to be tough even with a reference photo.
Colours will come after I’ve inked the first 10 pages.


3 pages are inked. Should have the first 10 pages done in the next 2 weeks at this pace. I’m finding shortcuts to get the same effects but I can see that at times I need a detailed pencil layer in some cases while others I just need a rough layout.


I can’t tell you how motivated this project has got me to work on some longer scripts.

But I know my art isn’t there yet to do those stories justice. Better to improve over several 22 page stories rather than one 100 page idea and feel the need to redraw the first half again. That being said I’m seeing the sticking points in my art and have been sketching on spare paper working them out.

Luckily I have a lot of comics to browse and take notes on how the artists tackle the areas I’m struggling with and incorporate it into my art.


7 pages inked.

Pressing on to get the first 10 pages inked by the weekend and start throwing some colours around like a madman.

If all goes to plan I’m thinking of the first page being published by the start of April. Also looking into setting up an account on tapastic and post on that maybe brush the dust off my deviantart account as well..


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