Power – OCTRTA – Legion – 14/1/18

A new year with new possibilities and new goals to miss/give up/forget.

Last year I only got to complete Samaritan and the anthology story Comet. This year I’m raising the bar higher in many ways.
Goals of 2018
1. Complete 8 projects (in any capacity)
2. Collaborate with 4 creators
3. Get one project printed
4. Attend my first convention as a seller
The latter two are dependant on getting a table but still a goal worth achieving.

Currently I have 9 projects that I have ready to work on. I have 3 other stories set in the same world as Samaritan. Hoping to chip away at these in between smaller projects.

I’m on art duties on a collab story for the new ComicBookHour anthology. This one is called ‘One Comic To Rule Them All.” I did also have a script up for a time but after an artist didn’t reply back if he was still interested I withdrew it. I’m hoping to hire another artist who liked the idea but couldn’t commit at the time to work on it later.

Cover By Mharz

Alterna Comics have submissions open for their new IF Anthology collection. This year is Horror. I’ve got a 10 page story worked out and hope to start on that after OCTRTA is over. If it doesn’t get selected for the anthology I can still publish it on here.

Lastly I have several short 4 page story ideas I want to work on. I’m hoping to get 6/7 of them done by June/July and have a short print run done to sell.

 Pg1 of Power (Working Title) – a 4pg short.

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