Samaritan Progress 6/5/17

The first page of my comic is up to view!!
Well it went up on Monday and forgot to make an update.

Nothing game changing at the moment but everything starts somewhere. I’m so excited to get this comic out. Almost 6 years of self doubt and procrastination has led to this moment.

You can read on my website
But if you are on Taptastic or Webtoons it’s up there as well.

It’s gotten some subs/likes so far which is amazing. I hope you enjoy the story. It is my first try so it will be rough around the edges which I’m learning as I go.

At the moment I’m colouring pages 5-8. If I get them done this weekend then I’ll have a 2 month buffer to work with giving me breathing space to work on Samaritan and also bite into other stories.


Best panel I’ve coloured to date and had to show you guys!!

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