The Hero and Sirens Call

Been working on a few new stories that are available to read on my website.

the hero

The Hero which was called Power when I first published it has been updated with much needed colour. I’m still getting the hang of selecting the right colours and making sure they won’t change much when I turn them from RGB to CMYK in the future. I’m trying to limit my colour selection using the Copic Marker Colour Wheel as a baseline – Not including skin tones and hair colours. It has helped me as I do tend to to be daunted looking at the full spectrum in Clip Studio Paint.


Also available to read is a short story called Sirens Call.

This one is different as it’s my first time solely in the writing role. The art is done by Liz Kramer a fantastic artist from Chicago. This story was initially for the Anthology project late last year but due to having to provide art on another story and the initial artist not getting back at me I had to shelve the story but I knew that I would need to hire an artist for it rather than doing it myself. Liz was interested in the pitch during the anthology but couldn’t commit at the time so I contacted her later if she was interested and she said yes. Liz has done an amazing job on the story and I’m happy I made the right decision hiring her for the job.

You can see more of her work online, twitter and her own webcomic Threader

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  1. Hi great reaading your blog

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